Porno-Casting (Females  from 18yrs.)

 take part in your first Pornmovie

earn Big money and have fun 

without the camera and all the stress!

appy now for test casting

Highlights for you

you decide what you do, without pressure and any stress

Start with an Amateurseries and experience if you like to be in the movie world

Vaginal Sex and Anal as Amateur only with Condom

Get to know adult movie branche and at the same time experience brilliant sex

Our Studio produces Amateurmovies / Casting, 1:1, Groupes, Gang-Bang, Fetish and Soft-SM

International Top-Projects for experienced Actor/Actress (after serie of amateurmovies possible) etc.

Experience a cool team. Fun and stress free

Discreation garantie with the possibility of using Wigs/ Masks/Make-Up

Practice your skills

let`s do your first adult movie

We are looking for young, pretty models  for porn-Jobs or bikini/underwear casting.  

Starters/Beginners are welcome and will be fully trained.

Students for our Amateur-Private Movies are excellent, always a bestseller! Shootings are  in the region Munich (Bavarian) Germany.

We also have- nationale und internationale projects for bilingual/professional models.  

We assure You with Full Discreet and take care of you with 100% in all phases of the projects.

New practices / situations can be practiced before film/photo casting, for perfect casting.


take a part in a test shooting

If you really good and show interest, we are willing to motivate you further with our experiece, to become a Pornstar!
Try, see how easy and fast you can earn Big Money!

Private casting for you

You want a cool exciting job, you're pretty, well mannered, honest, healthy and fexible. Contact us as soon as possible for Test-Casting

We are looking for responsible and tactfull models in our team, that understands the word TRUST.
A must in this branch!

At the interview we will explain all the important details, for this future part time at Porn-Casting. You will get a detailed feedback after your casting. We also allow you to experience and see the next casting in the Team, you can decide on which film projects you like and want to take part in. You get a contract on each casting you take part in. You choose which casting you want to do

The Test-Casting is without the camera and all the stress!

We look forward to meet you soon and give garanties for lot of fun!


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